Off-site: Banchō and City of Sydney.
Group Exhibition
May 3 - June 5, 2021

Purple abstract painting by Angela Tam showcased on the brown brick wall of a gallery.

ar–chive studio presents 'Into The Storm'


Into The Storm is an exhibition curated by Banchō Bar, featuring new works made by wa sei and Angela Tam.

The exhibition features artworks made during 2021 in response to resilience and diversity, themes that we have learnt to embrace this past year.


"Watching as a mirror casts its projection onto the infinity of time.
With arms reaching, like mighty hands across the sky above.
Something inside, calls for this change in direction. 
Not to move against, but to move with."
–  wa sei



Exhibited Artworks
Yellow abstract painting by Angela Tam showcased on the white wall of a gallery.

Angela Tam – 'Overflow', 2021. 

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Dark red and white abstract artwork by wa sei showcased on a white gallery wall.

wa sei – 'As Shadow Inhales', 2021. 

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Beige abstract artwork with highlights of pink, blue, and red displayed on a white gallery wall. Created by abstract artist wa sei.

wa sei – 'Illumination Exhales Light', 2021. 

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Cover image: 'Dance of the Wind' by Angela Tam