wa sei in a Comme des Garçons suit and MA+ leather hat, captured in a striking black and white photograph.

wa sei

wa sei (Australian, b. 1993) is an interdisciplinary artist best known for his instinctual approach. He creates windows into his subconscious through the gestural choreography of colour, use of expressive mark-making and action-based painting. These expressions are sculpted through his improvisational handling and spontaneity on the street or canvas, with camera or paint brush in hand. wa sei works across abstract and figurative-style paintings, digital collages, functional sculptures and alluring soundscapes that all aim to examine the workings of the human psyche through the context of space, time and personal experiences.

Employing the Surrealist technique of ‘automatism’, wa sei creates artworks that can be seen, heard, felt and remembered. The use of sound as a stimulus in his practice is part of his deeper investigation into the relationship between psychology and synaesthetic experiences.

wa sei has presented in group exhibitions across Sydney and his artworks have been published in Noema Magazine by The Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles, USA.


Artist portrait courtesy of Anna Kim
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