A digitised curation of our evolving archive that spans visual stimulus, found objects, designed pieces, experiments and experiences. All that have attributed to our process, research and revelations.

  • Art deco cover box of Frank Lloyd Wright's playing cards for the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Vibrant red, orange, and green circles and squares adorn the box. Scanned image presented as a square.
    Frank Lloyd Wright 'Playing Cards', (1996).
  • Scanned image of two lighters: one in grey stainless steel and the other gold, embellished with the red "Supreme" box logo imprint.
    Carl Jan Cruz & Supreme Zippos
  • Scanned image of a black and white Japanese comic depicting the imagery of Jazz musician Miles Davis playing the trumpet.
    Brutus 'Blue Giant Jazz Book', (2023).
  • Scanned image of the white front cover of Andre Breton's Manifesto of Surrealism.
    André Breton 'Manifestoes of Surrealism'.
  • Scanned image of Rowland Reyes Martinez's exhibition collateral with the words of his name, "catalogue" and "retrospective" in view.
    Rowland Reyes Martinez 'Rise To Ubiquity' Exhibition Collateral, (2019).
  • Scanned image of a group of five rectangle exhibition cards from various galleries in Japan.
    Japan Ephemera, (2018).
  • Scanned image of two posters: The first is titled "Sieges 1900" with images of 16 chair designs; and the second is a postcard from meiji of the design anatomy of exhibitions.
    Sièges 1900 / 21_21: 'meiji Design Anatomy Exhibition'
  • Vibrant blue and cream scanned exhibition collateral from artist Joan Cornella's NYC solo exhibition.
    Joan Cornellà NYC Exhibition Collateral, (2017).
  • A scanned folded and distorted white image with the text "Re/Collection Comme des Garcons" printed on the paper.
    Comme des Garçons 'RE/COLLECTION Poster', (2016).
  • Two scanned images of a postcard with a newspaper template with "Dali" inscribed. The second postcard displays a Dali artwork of three faces in yellow and grey.
    National Art Center Tokyo 'Dali News' Exhibition, (2016) / Salvador Dali 'The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala, (1982).
  • A scanned image of an exhibition floor plan of the DiA in New York. An iphone is also scanned with a color image of Richard Serra's sculpture at DiA displayed.
    Richard Serra at Dia: Beacon, (2017).
  • Scanned image of two thin portrait brochures: one showcasing the map of subways in Tokyo, and the other featuring a colorful design for the Ginza Graphic Gallery.
    Subways In Tokyo / ggg
  • Monochrome poster with text displaying information about an exhibition at the Tokyo Type Directors Club in 2019.
    ggg 'Type Directors Club' Exhibition, (2019).
  • Scanned image of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue CD booklet. The pages display the track listing for the album and a press release written by Benny Green.
    Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' CD Booklet, Words by Benny Green.
  • Red abstract curves adorn a folded white paper with the words "Letters Are T.H.I.N.G.S" displayed in red.
    Printed Matter/Letters Are T.H.I.N.G.S, MoMA PS1, (2017).
  • A scanned image of John Coltrane's CD booklet of "A Love Supreme". The page shown displays the written prayer and excerpt about A Love Below.
    John Coltrane 'A Love Supreme' Original Liner Notes.
  • Scanned image of Herbie Hancock's purple and orange CD booklet 'Headhunters'.
    Herbie Hancock 'Headhunters' CD Booklet Cover.
  • A yellow and blue poster of Le Corbusier's painting, displayed as a poster. An iphone is in the foreground with an image of a wooden table designed by Le Corbusier.
    Le Corbusier at MA2 Gallery, Ebisu, (2019).
  • A sketch of the two bridges overlooking Manhattan, drawn on a moleskin notebook by Angela Tam.
    Angela Tam 'Two Bridges, Lower Manhattan 6:49pm' Sketch, (2016).
  • Grey front cover scan of the book "cosmos" by artist Hyun-Mi-Yoo. The front image of the book displays four types of sport balls painted realistically.
    Hyun-Mi Yoo 'Cosmos' Hardcover Book.
  • A distorted scanned image of four rings designed by Gaetano Pesce. The colours are vibrant lime green, pastel pink, navy blue and hot orange.
    Gaetano Pesce Fish Design Rings.
  • A scanned ball pen drawing by Angela Tam of a tree at the kiyosumi garden. A blue stamp is stamped on top of the drawing with a green poster next to it.
    Angela Tam 'Kiyosumi Garden' Sketch.
  • Two sketch illustration postcards of cartoon characters from the Ghibli Museum in Japan.
    Studio Ghibli Postcard.
  • A scanned image of a blurred photo of an ikebana flower in blue and green. An iphone is displayed in the foreground with a coloured photo of an architectural space with mirrors and a tree at the Sogetsu Foundation, Akasaka Japan.
    Sogetsu Foundation, Akasaka, (2019).
  • A scanned image of wa sei's notebook depicting an abstract artwork titled "automatic drawing".
    wa sei 'Automatic Drawing' Sketch, (2018).
  • An abstract drawing by Angela Tam of distorted shapes of faces with the text 'Jazz Inn Uncle Tom' displayed on top.
    Jazz Inn Uncle Toms Poster & Sketch, (2019).
  • A black and white rectangle sticker graphic with abstract circular shapes and a text logo with the branded word 'FEBRUARIES' in all-caps.
    FEBRUARIES Sticker, (2015).
  • Scanned excerpt from Virgil Abloh's book 'Ablohisms' featuring a quote: 'My art practice is the convergence of all creative disciplines into one matter'.
    Virgil Abloh 'Abloh Isms'.
  • Two pamphlets are displayed as a scanned image. The folded pamphlet on the left displays the text 'Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons Art of the In-Between'. The right pamphlet displays an abstract graffiti artwork in monochrome news paper.
    Rei Kawakubo & Comme des Garçons.
  • Brett Whiteley 'The Dealer 1967', The Art Gallery of NSW Postcard.
  • An image of a Japanese onigiri food wrap with red graphic elements displayed on the packaging.
    Onigiri wrap design.
  • An image of a navy blue wool 6 panel hat with the 'Februaries' logo 'F' stitched onto the front of the hat. A blue Cartier scarf is in the background.
    FEBRUARIES Archive Wool Hat, (2015).
  • Light grey scan of Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' magazine cover.
    Frank Ocean x Zak Group 'Boys Don't Cry' Album Magazine.
  • Scanned image of a purpose logo attributed to the artist 'wa sei' with the words 'certificate of authenticity' imprinted on the paper.
    wa sei Certificate of Authenticity, (2021).
  • Scanned photo of stainless steel Japanese designed kitchen utensils by Japanese design studio, 'Nendo'.
    nendo 'Skeleton' for Valerie Objects, (2018).
  • Two booklets displayed with a yellow and brown natural pattern with the text 'The Garment District Journal' displayed on top.
    Nepenthes Inc: The Garment District Journal I & II.
  • A scanned image of two wine bottles and their labels. The text displayed has 'Gea' and 'Amarone' in focus.
    Filippo Manetti Gea / Della Valpolicella Amarone, (2017).
  • A black and white drawing by Rowland Reyes Martinez from 2011 depicting a surreal architectural space and cross board pattern.
    Rowland Reyes Martinez, (2011).
  • A blue and white scanned photo with a cartoon giraffe on the cover. The magazine depicted is a 'Studio Vice' magazine with the text 'I heart colette' displayed in english and japanese.
    Studio Vice Magazine 10 'colette Issue', (2001).
  • A distorted abstract postcard of holes and plastic, depicting the natural coloured artwork by Alberto Burri 'Grande bianco plastica 1964'.
    Alberto Burri 'Grande bianco plastica 1964', Guggenheim Postcard.