Portrait of Angela Tam in a black Issey Miyake dress, captured as a black and white photograph.

Angela Tam

Angela Tam is an artist, illustrator and designer, and the co-founder of ar-chive studio. Her work is often inspired by the subconscious realm of dream-like, surreal forms, which reveal themselves to her through an iterative practice. When delving into the creative process, Angela enters into a meditative flow state, one that is both intuitive yet intentional. Creating art is an intrinsic part of existence and experiencing the world around her, a method through which Angela reflects upon and deciphers the intricacies of the every day. 

She’s used various mediums to expand her visual vocabulary, notably in acrylic, ink, sculpture and digital illustration over recent years. Angela’s art practice collectively forms a thread of self-discovery as she articulates her innermost thoughts and emotions, expressing the intangible aspects of the human experience. Her work is not only to be seen, but felt.



Artist portrait courtesy of Anna Kim


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