Online Release

Distorted digital flower artworks from wa sei's abstract NFT collection 'Aura' with Culture Vault. Displayed as a square tile.

wa sei's AURA collection via Culture Vault


Flowers, in their grace and elegance, have long been instruments for expressing human emotions. Their colours, shapes, and scents symbolise gestures and feelings, reflecting a state of mind. This collection reinvents that expression through digital artistry. By applying techniques akin to traditional photo development, such as pushing and pulling pixels, the flowers are digitally collaged, deconstructed, and reassembled. This process reveals a hidden complexity and beauty, encapsulating an aura beyond visual perception. Naturally, our vision only allows us to perceive a fraction of what’s around us.

In this collection, I invite the viewer to employ their imagination to explore the living energy and aura that goes beyond mere visual representation. Unlike the fleeting nature of real flowers, these flowers are stamped into a digital form that preserves and immortalises the delicate exchange between nature and emotion. The result is a series of distorted floral avatars.


Distorted digital flower artwork in vibrant yellow, lime, and purple hues on a black background for wa sei's abstract NFT collection. Displayed as a full image.

Volt 1/1 NFT by wa sei


"wa sei’s approach reflects wa-sei’s roots in community-building and desire to get their art into the hands of people who will cherish it. It also makes the collection more accessible to a broader audience.
By embracing a community-first model, wa sei rewards their loyal supporters with fair access while providing a template for how artists can ethically retain control and experiment in distributing their art." – Culture Vault via Medium


View 'AURA' in its entirety via Culture Vault.