Gaffa Creative Precinct, Sydney
Group Exhibition
February 17 - 25, 2024

A white walled gallery displaying two colourful artworks on its walls. People are gathered in the middle as they view the artworks.


Gaffa's opening ceremony in 2024 debuted a new cultural and creative precinct in the heart of Sydney's CBD – Clarence St.

To coincide with the inaugural presentations for the creative precinct, Gaffa showcased 'Unveiled', a group exhibition that highlighted interdisciplinary local artists paired with Australian jewellers and object makers.

Featured artists: Maria Constantinescu, Keroshin Govender, Jodee Knowles, Creon, Angela Tam, wa sei, Elizabeth Lewis, Tanya Reinli, Lauren Ami, Gaspare Moscone, Liz Bradshaw, Noah Spivak, Ian Thomas, Rat Bedlington, Lynn Smith, Melissa Jaksic , Laura Baxter Elizabeth Creixell, Daniel Cap, Blye Wilson, Alida Cappelletta, Stephanie Said, Albert Tse, Bert Jewellery, Francine Haywood, Francisca Rendic, Rebecca Hinwood, Felix Gill, Jenny Du, Michelle Pitton, Leonie Simpson, Chris Li, Deanna Wawn, Lucy Courtenay and Lihnida Blazeska.


Installation Images

A tile walled gallery with plinths displaying objects and jewellery and a colourful painting.


Exhibited Work

wa sei – 'Illumination Exhales Light', 2021. 

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Angela Tam's colourful surreal and playful painting 'Befriending the Formless' displayed on a white gallery wall.

Angela Tam – 'Befriending the Formless', 2023.

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Installation Images courtesy of Hayden Buchanan (Redscope Films)
Artwork Images courtesy of ar-chive studio